Forum Program

December 2, 2020 – Metro and Rail Systems
Sustainable Domestic and National Rail Systems

Day 1: Metro and Rail Systems- HEADINGS

  • Domestic and National Production in Rail Systems I – PUBLIC PERSPECTIVE
  • Domestic and National Production in Rail Systems II – PRIVATE COMPANY PERSPECTIVE
  • Rail System Projects and Finance
  • Rail System Practices in Metropolitan Municipalities
  • Rail System Management Practices in Metropolitan Municipalities
  • The use of BIM in Rail Systems

December 3, 2020 –Urban Highway Transportation Systems
Sustainable Transportation and Integration

Day 2: Urban Highway Transportation System Forum– HEADINGS

  • Policies and Project Examples for Sustainable and Innovative Highway Transportation
  • Urban Highway System Development Services and Projects in Mass Transportation
  • Smart Systems in Urban Highway Transportation and Integration
  • Energy Efficiency in Highway Transportation
  • Value Building for All Parties in Highway Transportation– Public & Private Sector Cooperation
  • Optimizing Highway Integration Services – New Technologies
  • Future Technologies

December 4, 2020 – Urban Seaway Transportation Systems
Sustainable, Productive and Secure Seaway Transportation

Day 3: Urban Seaway Transportation Systems Forum– HEADINGS

  • Urban Seaway Transportation Management Policies – Public Perspective
  • Public & Private Sector Cooperation in Seaway Transportation
  • Management and Finance for Sustainable Projects
  • Seaway Traffic Management and Security
  • Productivity in Sea Vessels and New Generation Energy Systems
  • Future Technologies


Create Your Sustainable Business Network

The most important role players of the transport systems, senior local government representatives and investors and the participating firms that want to transfer products, projects and technologies directly to these institutions will have the chance to make one-to-one meetings at the Local Government Lounge.

During the B2B and B2B meetings to be organized on the mutual acceptance basis, the sponsor and participating firms will have the chance to expand their business network and bring their brand to the local government officials.

Start-up Zone

On the third day’s afternoon of the event, entrepreneurs will come together with the sector stakeholders at the conference hall

The entrepreneurs who will have the opportunity to promote innovative ideas, projects and systems in the transportation sector and have to opportunity to access potential clients, partners and investors.

Enterprises at currently close beta process, and all enterprises that received investment and are at the stage of growth can apply to Start-up Zone. Following the applications, the Start-ups approved by the organization committee will have the opportunity to introduce their enterprises at the conference hall.